fm tribe

FMTribe by is an OPL3 synth/drum machine/thingie focused on live jamming for DOS.
Developed by munshkr and brought to the browser thanks to js-dos. Checkout fmtribe sources.

  • Esc: Exit
  • F5: Play / pause
  • F7: Stop after bar (2 times, stop immeadiately)
  • F9: Tap tempo
  • Shift + F9: Toggle metronome
  • F10: Toggle "follow cursor"
  • Left: Move to previous frame
  • Right: Move to next frame
  • Up: Move to previous channel
  • Down: Move to next channel
  • Del: Clear pattern for current channel
  • Ctrl + Del: Clear pattern for all channels
  • Tab: Switch instrument editor for the current channel
  • M: Toggle "apply step changes to all frames"
  • P: Toggle "play channel instrument"
  • Z: Toggle "record steps"
  • Alt + Number: Mute/unmute channel