FMTribe by munshkr

OPL3 synth/drum machine/thingie focused on live jamming for DOS. Checkout sources.

To toggle a step in the pattern of the 16-step sequencer, use the keys:

          Q W E R T Y U I
          A S D F G H J K

To select one of the eight channels, use keys 1 through 8. You can mute a channel anytime using Alt + NumberKey.

Press Alt + StepKey to define microsteps (upto 3 for now).

To customize the parameters of an instrument, press the Tab key, select a field and change its value. The parameters will update automatically if the step sequencer is playing.

Also, you can still change channels with the numbers from the instrument editor.

To change the base note of the instrument, use the keys:

          W   E       T   Y   U
          A   S   D   F   G   H   J

as in a keyboard of one octave. To change the base octave, use PageUp/PageDown.