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Ceiborg is a creative laboratory linking textile art and costumes with science and technology.

It develops its techno-textiles through various tools and techniques:

  • electronics and programming to create electro-textiles
  • 3D modeling and printing to produce printed textiles
  • cultivation of fungi and bacteria to generate bio-textiles

Ceiborg is the conjunction of the words ceibo (Argentine national flower) and cyborg (cyber organism).

ceibo + cyborg = ceiborg

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ceiboard teatro

Ceiborg was founded by Eliana Guzmán in 2016. Eliana is a Clothing and Textile Designer (UADE), Costume Designer and Techno-Textile Artist.

More information at [ceiborg.com] (https://ceiborg.com/)


Beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all.
André Breton