diego dorado

Hi there! Here you can find some web experiments to try out.

  • MORSE code

    MORSE code generator

  • map-H

    map-H (música asistida por Humano) es una webapp que genera ritmos de percusión intentando inferir el ritmo propuesto por el humano.

  • Algo Rimo

    Webapp that generates random sonnets from permutations of verses of a corpus composed of sonnets in Spanish that are in the public domain.


    Matching Shadow Game (by Instrumento Óptico). A playful interaction based on categories of archetypes and zodiacal correspondences drawn from classical mythology.

  • Live Emojing Playground

    Embrace live coding by playing with emojis. Try out some TidalCycles patterns right in the browser. You may even join someone doing live emojing if there is an open channel.

  • CV2612 Editor

    A browser-based editor for the CV2612., made to edit its patches and midi mappings.
    You can have a taste of its sound as it has an emulator.


    FMTribe is an OPL3 synth/drum machine/thingie focused on live jamming for DOS.
    Developed by munshkr and brought to the browser thanks to js-dos. Checkout fmtribe sources.

There are also miscellaneous contents that would otherwise be hidden (even for me)

Beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all.
André Breton